What Is Health Coaching?

What Is Health Coaching? 

Great question.  Health coaching is a relatively new field in which doctors, corporations, insurance companies, health care providers and certified health coaches use a scientific approach to educating and training individuals on food consumption and lifestyle changes, in order to make a positive impact on a person's overall health and lifestyle habits before the absence of good habits leads to a more problematic, unhealthy condition.

See, the scientific community has realized its not about treating the symptoms of bad eating habits and sedentary life style issues, its about addressing the core of the problem before it becomes a disease.  What do I mean? Well, for example, routine maintenance on a car is essential to the long term health of the vehicle, right?  Timely oil changes, tire rotations, and check ups will lead to less catastrophic one time big expense car failures.  Which, just like in your life, learning about and making changes from unhealthy foods like pizza, processed or sugary foods you may be consuming to more healthier whole, natural and unprocessed foods, are like changing the oil every 2000 miles, or rotating your tires.

And much like in a car, when this is done, you will be "running" better, have more energy, and potentially creating a greater quality of life for yourself as you may feel more positive self image due to weight loss,  or just general over happiness as you have more energy, and feel more vibrant and potentially more productive in daily life.  More than likely mitigating those one time catastrophes like heart disease, diabetes, obesity etc.  A little bit of knowledge and action plan can go a long way, that's fore sure.

Why Green Tea Health Coaching?

We at Green Tea Health Coach's have developed in cooperation with the Dr. Sears Institute online workshops so you have the opportunity to learn about what steps and changes to take though our programs at the comfort of your own home.  Online classes include live interactive e Learning segments, hands-on learning activities, video segments from Dr. Williams Sears, at home activities, free downloads, and much more!

Interactive eLearning Modules

Each health module includes recorded narration, script, colorful graphics, interactive activities, check for understanding quizzes, and more! You can expect to spend approximately 30-45 minutes completing each eLearning segment, and you can view each segment as many times as you would like during the duration of your training.

Downloadable Worksheets

The online classes contain worksheets, menu guides, recipes, activity ideas. Each eLearning session’s worksheet is designed to help you capture the most important health tips, set a goal for each week and have fun creating healthy

At Home Activities

Get the entire family involved in learning or put your new wisdom into practice with the fun, interactive activities. Activities range from trying fun activities to get your family moving, new recipes, meal planning and label reading activities.

Expert Instruction

All online courses are taught by a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach. I will teach you concepts on complex nutrition, give you a valuable trusted resource to help shape your new health journey.  I will work with you to help you assess your current health status and work with you to create measurable goals to help you achieve desired health.


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