Online Workshops

Online Work Shops (All Ages) 

With Green Tea Health Coach's online workshops you have the opportunity to go through our programs at the comfort of your own home.  Online classes include live interactive eLearning segments with me, hands-on learning activities, video segments from Dr. Williams Sears, at home activities, free downloads, and more!

Interactive eLearning Modules

Each health module includes recorded narration, script, colorful graphics, interactive activities, check for understanding quizzes, and more! You can expect to spend approximately 30-45 minutes completing each eLearning segment, and you can view each segment as many times as you would like during the duration of your training.

Downloadable Worksheets

The online classes contain worksheets, menu guides, recipes, activity ideas. Each eLearning session’s worksheet is designed to help you capture the most important health tips, set a goal for each week and have fun creating healthy

At Home Activities

Get the entire family involved in learning or put your new wisdom into practice with the fun, interactive activities. Activities range from trying fun activities to get your family moving, new recipes, meal planning and label reading activities.

Expert Instruction

All online courses are taught by myself, a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach. I will teach you concepts on complex nutrition, give you a valuable trusted resource to help shape your new health journey.  I will work with you to help you assess your current health status and work with you to create measurable goals to help you achieve desired health.

Available Online

Classes Include

L.E.A.N. Start Onlineclasses teach that being healthy is not just about the food we eat; it is about how lifestyle, exercise,
attitude and nutrition positively or negatively affect behavior, learning, attitude, energy levels, attention and much more. These classes are designed for families with school-aged children and teach:

  • Sustainable strategies to develop a lifetime of health
  • Recipes that make nutrition easy, fun and affordable
  • Innovative ideas and activities that keep kids moving
  • Which foods are best for growing kids
  • Easy label reading techniques
  • Labeling loopholes that might be making family members sick
  • Which ingredients can affect behavior, concentration and energy levels
  • And much, much more!


Prime-Time Health

Online classes

Prime-Time Health Online classes empower those in the prime of their life (40+ years) to prevent age-related diseases, sharpen thinking, boost energy, and take charge of their health. Participants will learn how to…

  • Prevent illness and disease and reduce inflammation
  • Help the body repair existing damage and slow down the aging process
  • Build an IRAH (Individual Retirement Account for Health)
  • Read nutrition labels and identify ingredients to avoid or look for
  • Achieve the goal of “nothing hurts and everything works”
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce risk of cancer and the “highs”(blood pressure, cholesterol) and diabetes.
  • Learn how to become active and feel better.